Horse Care – What To Know About Before Purchasing Your First Horse or Pony!!

Horse Care – Where Do I Start?!

     Having been given my first pony when I was four years old, and being fortunate enough to have spent most of my life with these incredible animals, I hope that I have learnt and picked up some useful knowledge to share a few horse care tips and information that may help the 1st time owner know just what exactly they are letting themselves in for.

As this is my first blog about Horse Care, which is such a vast subject and can be divided into so many categories, I think the best place to start is at The Beginning.

What To Know About Horse Care Before Owning a Horse or Pony!

If I was thinking about purchasing or taking care of a horse for the first time, I would definitely want to do some research about horse care, just like I did when our youngest daughter pleaded with me to let her have a rabbit, or two!    I googled, How To Look After Rabbits!  and we bought a book or two!.

I am generally, a cup half full person!  but for the time being I am going to let this slip and give a few honest negatives as to the price (and I’m not talking about just money) of horse care.

horse care

“If Only Horse Care Was That Simple!”

The Cost Of Horse Care &  Owning a Horse – monetary Wise – Can be  Expensive there is no point in burying our head in the sand here, it is also quite difficult to budget for, every horse or pony has its own different needs and these needs can change over night, usually in the form of vet bills!.  Your feed and fodder bills will go up and down depending on the seasons and horses work load and condition.  Here are a few possible repeated monthly horse care costs.

  • Livery charges if you don’t own your own property, or if DIY
  • Stable and field rent
  • Fodder
  • Feed

Other Costs:

General Equipment i.e

  1. Headcollar and rope,
  2. Saddle and bridle,
  3. Yard Equipment – fork, brush, wheelbarrow, shovel etc.
  4. Brushes
  5. Rugs if necessary.
  6. Buckets
  7. Farrier Trimming if unshod
  8. Horse annual vaccinations.
  9. Annual dental check up and treatment
  10. Worming costs.

Other Possible Horse Care Costs:

  1. Farrier shoeing every 5-9 weeks
  2. Vets bills
  3. Cost of transporting your horse whether by purchasing your own  vehicle or hiring it.
  4. If wanting to compete, the cost of entries.
  5. Lessons, we all need help at some point!.
  6. Your Time – Time is one of the most precious things you can give when owning a horse or pony.  The interaction you have with your horse will ensure the bond and understanding needed to have maximum enjoyment from your partnership.

Whether on a budget or not horse care is not for the faint hearted, it is also a twice daily commitment, in any weather, unless you are lucky enough to be able to afford full livery help.

You might question why I have started out on perhaps, you could say, this negative way of thinking about owning a horse or pony, when I have spent my life with horses.  I have looked after many rescue horses and I want to make it so clear to people that they realise the extent of the commitment that they are about to make when purchasing or loaning a horse for the first time.   I am certain that the majority of people make this decision with all the best intentions,  after all what is it that we get from our equine friends?

  • Friendship
  • A Bond like no other
  • Healthy outdoor living
  • A unique confidence
  • Exhilaration
  • A reason to get up in the morning!
  • Responsibility
  • Good Excercise
  • A hobby, which is more of a way of life really.

What fantastic reasons for owning a  horse, but if you haven’t got the time or the budget to be able to sustain the committment of horse care, please, please don’t go there!   Our horse charities are full of horses and ponies, who for different reasons have ended up in terrible states without homes, thank goodness for these charities, who can give these poor horses and ponies a second chance in life. A great way to attract more horses in your vicinity is establish horsing sports through an arena. Lobbing for your townhall to call for those Horse arena construction services would surely increase traction of horses in your area.

Other Resourses For Learning About Horse Care:

To learn about horse care The British Horse Society run specially designed courses to give a comprehensive knowledge about owning a horse or pony.

The British Horse Society

    Before taking the plunge my advice would be to go to visit a Riding School, take some riding lessons, stable management lessons and generally learn about horse care.

    My intention is not to put anyone off owning a horse, because if you can do it you will have some of  the most wonderful experiences of your life and stories to tell with it.  My aim is to tell some true facts that will hopefully enable people to know what horse care involves and to make an informed decision about whether to own one or not.

    Now I have got that off my chest and if  I have not put you off wanting to experience a  long and enjoyable partnership developing with an equine friend, I hope that you will join me in the future on other horse care blogs, as and when I put my fingers to the keyboard in between looking after our equine guests here at Hivron Horse Haven.

    I have put together a collection of handy books to choose from, that will definitely help you to learn an awful lot about horse care and towards becoming a competent horse or pony owner.

    Many thanks for reading my first Horse Care blog.

Best Wishes,

Rachel Holman

About Rachel Holman

I started Hivron Horse Haven in 2004. We specialise in the care of retired, box rested, convalescing and resting horses and ponies. We are based in the beautiful countryside of the Mid Wales border. I also market horse related products and country wear.
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