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Horse Products – Where do I start? !

There are just so many Horse Products catering for so many categories, that it is very difficult to know which brand, material,  healing ointment, feed etc to choose.

As word of mouth is often the best advertisement, then I thought I would write about a few horse products that we use here at HHH and can recommend to you, that make a big difference in helping me to run our stables smoothly.

Horse Products No.1 – The Turnout Rug

We are in the midst of winter, the weather is as changeable as it is going to get, this morning it was -2, now it is 6 degrees, last week it was 10 degrees mid day! So my first category in my recommended horse products has to be the turnout rug to keep our horses temperature comfortable, dry and snug.

For me Premier Equine , pictured below, are an excellent outdoor rug.  The fit is secure and snug, yet light and the shoulders have plenty of room to move without pulling down on the neck. I much prefer the removable necks such as this one so that it can be removed on warmer days.   I have tried the same rug on several shaped horses and the rug sits securely, what ever the shape of the horse

Buster 300X with neck cover

Other horse products in this category we like are the Amigo rugs, they are a great fit, lightweight and durable.

Horse Products No 2.  Healing Ointment

My next horse products that I have great faith in to treat and keep nicks and cuts clean and to prevent infections setting in is Camrosa, what a great product!     Once infection has been prevented it is often tempting to dry the cut up with an antibacterial spray or powder.  My own experience has shown that this method often leaves a scar.  With Patience and Camrosa  I have had much success with healing minor and major wounds, leaving very little or no scar at all.  Applying Camrosa daily keeps moisture and dirt out, but allows the wound itself to heal from the inside out.

Camrosa has many other uses such as mite control, rainscald treatment, insect bites, proud flesh, cracked heels, mud fever, sweet itch treatment.

Horse Products No. 3 – The Poultice Boot.

There are many poultice boots on the market and to be honest up until last year I was an avid plastic bag and parcel tape user!!. until finally I found this:  The Shires Poultice Boot:

Poultice Boot (142)

So long as the poultice  can be kept clean and dry I would much prefer for the effected horse to be able to be put out  for a few hours, or 24/7 if that is its normal routine, to excercise itself, rather than be stable during this time.   This boot comes in three sizes and once you have mastered the technique of getting it on and off this boot serves the purpose very well.  I have as yet never had to go and retrieve it from the other end of the field, nor found any friction rubs caused by it.  It’s great and very robust.

Horse Products No 4.

Naf Equine Biotics Powder:    Here at HHH we specialise in looking after horses and ponies that are old and ones that are in rehabilitation.     We use Naf biotic powder to stabilise gut upsets, at worming time to help prevent the possible gut reactions to the  wormers and when horses first arrive at the stables to help them adjust to the different feed and fodder.


Horse Product No. 5

The Equissage Equine Therapy Unit:  -

Equissage Pad  Equissage Hand Unit

Equissage is a multi-unit physiotherapy massage system developed specifically for equine use. Safe, versatile, non-invasive and easy to use, the system is suitable for every horse, in every discipline.

It can help with:

  • Musculoskelatal disorders
  • Respiratory
  • Skin Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Plus others.

I use it to help relieve stiffness in the older horses, disperse filled legs, treat bruised soles and to prevent circulation problems with box rested horses as well, as treat individual musculoskelatal problems that they may be with us for.

Although it is quite expensive to buy, for competition and rehabilitation yards it is a horse product that is a must and will certainly pay it’s way with its benefits.

Horse Product No. 6

My Horse Pooh Hoover! -  Made by Terravac.

With up to 25  horses I could not manage without my horse poover! Not only to keep the paddocks clean, but also very important for parasite control.    There are a number of different sizes available.


Horse Products No. 7:

We use old  lorry tyres to feed fodder in our shelters and stables.  They are great to save wastage, and safe for the horses to eat around.   As they are a waste product  you should generally  be able to pick them up very cheaply, if not free!

Horse Product No. 8

The summer comes “Horray”, but for horse owners it is also the start of a new set of potential problems.  One of these especially for pink skinned horses is sunburn.  I  have a very good friend Jo, who has been developing over the last 10 years her own organic skin care range, Earthbound Organics, growing her own and harvesting out of the hedges and fields around a lot of her ingredients she uses to produce her products.

2 years ago we adopted a 14.2hh pony from the rspca called Monty for my daughter, Emma to ride.  What a sweety he is, but being skewbald and pink skinned with a very pink nose we found him very susceptible to getting a sunburnt nose.  Jo already had in her range of skin creams an organic sunblock for humans so she immediately got into action and adapted it  slightly for Monty, mainly removing the fragrance so as not to interfer with his delicate sense of smell.   We now market this sunblock as Monty and Emma’s Organic Sun Protection For Horse and Rider.


Well these are just some of my favourite horse products that help me run Hivron Horse Haven efficiently and effectively.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the best advertisement for the best horse products are word of mouth, so if you have any horse products that you would like to recommend then please do so in the comment box below or share them with us  on HHH’s Facebook page.

Many thanks for reading my blog, I hope you have found it informative.

Best Wishes,

Rachel Holman
Hivron Horse Haven





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I started Hivron Horse Haven in 2004. We specialise in the care of retired, box rested, convalescing and resting horses and ponies. We are based in the beautiful countryside of the Mid Wales border. I also market horse related products and country wear.
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